Plan Your Wedding

You’ve set the  wedding date, now visit Vistaprint to keep you wedding planning  on  track and get all you need. Plan your wedding accordingly  and follow VistaPrint’s wedding planning timeline. Determine the theme for your wedding. Going rustic chic? Barn style?Neutral? Vintage? While you figure it out, consider getting the […]

Ideas for Killer Wedding Shots

Getting just the right shot for that wedding is sometimes a matter of luck, but just as often it is a matter of timing and planning. While you cannot control the weather, or how well the wedding party will get along for that matter, you can take control of a […]

Getting a Photo Booth Company

Photo Booths are the most enjoyable way to capture the the wedding or party. Obtain a company that’s been in internet marketing for some time. One that’s been with the good and the bad from the photo booth rental world. Consider studying their WeddingWire or Google reviews. Will they provide […]

Event Photography – Digital Workflow

The most recent photography equipment makes the entire process of photographing a celebration a great deal simpler that within the pre-digital era. So what may be the present day workflow for shooting a celebration. Whether it’s an inside event like a school promenade or black-tie dinner then your studio will […]