Getting just the right shot for that wedding is sometimes a matter of luck, but just as often it is a matter of timing and planning. While you cannot control the weather, or how well the wedding party will get along for that matter, you can take control of a number of things at the next wedding shoot.

From finding cool props like the ones at to making a shot list that covers all the bases, you can take some steps that will give you the best opportunities for great shots. We know that like many wedding photographers, you probably have your own bag of tricks that have proven to be tried and true helpmates on that big day. But just in case, here are a few more to add to your repertoire of wedding shot ideas and tips.

Taking Care of the Pesky Uncle

We have all seen these guys at weddings. They either have a bad habit of interfering with the shots you are lining up, love jumping into a shot you thought you had nailed or in some other way are just a pain in the neck. They may be the bride’s uncle or the grooms oldest friend. I have to say that generally this type of problem is an older male who wants to be back in charge.

The best way to handle this type of problem is to be firm but friendly. If possible, get them to do some useless but seemingly important task that will take them out of harm’s way while you are shooting. You might even ask them to patrol the area so others don’t accidentally walk into the shot. Give them some small responsibility, smile, and then move on with what you were planning to do.

Plan for the Couple Shots

Every good set of wedding shots have some carefully planned pictures of the bride and groom on their own. This is why it is so important to sit down with the pair and explain what you need well ahead of time. Once you have discussed the types of photos you want to take of just the two of them, they will probably realize that doing it before the wedding day is a smart idea.

There may be some resistance to having the groom see the bride in her wedding dress before the day of the wedding, but you will have to work with them to work around that. In some of the stricter religions it might be forbidden, so you will need to find out how to create a work around so that you can have the two of them, in full dressed up attire, to yourself for at least an hour or two.

Go Over the Shoot List with the Bride

This is an absolute must and should be done at least a day or three before the wedding day. By far the biggest complaints that brides will have about a photographer is that they missed an all-important shot. It could be one with the mother of the bride, the best friends or an old friend they haven’t seen in years. Whatever the shot they had their heart set on seeing, make sure it is on the list before the big day comes.