To many getting married in Sydney is a dream come true and you should already be on course to make it the “Perfect Day”, surely? Well here are five tips on how to make sure that nothing goes wrong:

1) The Wedding Photographer: So much time and preparation goes into making everyone look their best, the last thing you want is some crummy photos taken on someone’s phone. Many people hire a Wedding Photographer, someone to capture the moments of the day that won’t get distracted by friends and family. They will make sure your pictures are perfect and can be treasured for years to come.

2) Venues: There are so many venues to pick from and it is easy to get overwhelmed or carried away. It is best to try to remember your budget and how many people you are trying to cram into a small hall or fill a huge church with. Pick the venue that suits the number of guests and within your price range.

3) Transport: Getting married in Sydney is an amazing opportunity to pick from so many excellent venues; the last thing on most people’s mind is how you are going to move dozens of people from one place to another. Remember to pre-plan and get someone to organise transport so everyone is there and all your guests can be with you to enjoy your special day.

4) Wedding preparation: There is only so much planning and organising you can do. No matter what you do people will do their own thing and in their own time. You don’t want to be pulling your hair out over this. The best thing to do is give everyone plenty of notice to the day, where they need to be and when. You’ll be amazed at how everyone will help co-ordinate and make your day stress free.

5) Recruit some help: There’s a lot to look at and a lot to take into consideration for a wedding, it’s a job in itself to plan, literally. Hire a Wedding Planner to help you choose what you want, they won’t take control of your day, they will help you find you what you are after and make sure that you haven’t forgotten anything, it is after all what they do for a living.

Finally, the best piece of advice I can offer you is relax. All this work and effort you have put into planning this, don’t forget to just enjoy your day, no matter what little bumps may come up, you will remember it for all its perfect moments.