There are many ways to make wedding photography unique and beautiful. Whether you are the ones getting married, or the one taking the photographs, here are some top tips for making your photos extra special.

Be Unique

It’s easy to say, but hard to implement. Having a unique style or flair to your photographs depends on equipment and talent. If the photographer has one of these, it’s hard to get it right without the other.

You can use great angles, backdrops and positioning of people in the photographs to great effect, and thankfully, photo enhancement software is available to anyone and everyone who wants to invest.

There are many places to get inspiration for this, such as Instagram and Flickr. Have a look around at some of the spectacular art styles that photographers have created.

Be Natural

The best things about weddings are those little moments that are forever treasured. It could be seeing loved ones you haven’t seen for a long time, or it could be your best friend’s cute toddler getting on the dancefloor and loving every second of the party.

These moments are extra special if they are captured on a camera, so make sure that you (or your photographer) are ready to seek out these snaps of time and can share them with everyone.

The other things to time well are reactions. They can be reactions to any part of the day, not just the big moments, and this can bring a real personal touch to your wedding photography.

Be Prepared

No one can predict what the weather will be like months in advance, and weddings more often than not are booked that far ahead. It’s more than important for wedding photographers to be as prepared as they can for any eventuality.

Lighting and weather protection are two things that are a must, even if the forecast is good. You may also need these tools if the wedding photography is going on into the night.

Not only is weather something to think about, but the location too. Be sure that you know the layout of the venue, and how it might affect the photos that will be taken.

Be Specific

On the day, it is important for you as a photographer or person getting married to be specific about what you want out of the day. Wedding photography is a personal thing for both the couple and the photographer, but in different ways.

There are things that the photographer will know look good and those that won’t work at all. That’s part of the job, after all. If you are in the position of photographer, be firm but fair if members of the party are asking you for something that will end up looking bad. Similarly, if you are the one getting married, let the photographer know if you aren’t comfortable with something, or if you have any ideas about what you would like to treasure.

Wedding photography is an important thing to get right on the day, and these top tips will help both photographers and those hiring photographers to make sure this is the case.