From a small family wedding to a big blowout, the location that you pick for a wedding can be a crucial element in just about any wedding plans. But how do you even begin to find the perfect wedding location? Just looking around at random on the net can be a long and often boring process. There are literally thousands of wedding location sites that will show you everything from getaway destination locations to cozy intimate settings. How to choose?

Here are a couple of ideas we find are always helpful when we sit down with a bride to discuss her wedding plans. So much of the discussion starts with the choice of a location, so we always begin the conversation there. There are a few tips to getting us to the perfect location, and we are happy to share them with you right here.

Size Matters – When Planning a Wedding

We always start with the size of the guest list. This allows us to eliminate some spots on the list right from the start. A good example of this is when the bride is planning a small intimate styled wedding with just 20-30 guests. This will usually be just family and close friends. For something like this you want a setting that is comfortable for everyone, such as small park setting or even set in someone’s back yard. If the list is huge, then the venue will be so too. This is when hotels, destination weddings and other plans get set in place. Which leads to our next criteria, travel.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles – Destination Weddings

The very idea of a destination wedding, say in Europe like the ones you see shown at often be a lot of planning but worth it in the end. Destination weddings have grown to be quite popular as friends and family combine a holiday with wedding plans and head out to romantic locations for the event.

If this is what the bride wants, discuss their idea of a romantic location before making suggestions. While beaches on Maui may be your idea of a romantic setting, if the bride is more of an antique collector then a beach bunny, a castle in Wales might be more to her liking. Sometimes a location is part of a general theme, and that is when a destination wedding becomes more.

Can Mickie Mouse Come Too?

Sometimes a destination is more about what the bride and groom love then it is about a geographical location. Take the wedding we recently did for a pair of animators whose love of all things Disney led to a crazy fun wedding in Disneyland. While it may not be the first place you would consider for a wedding, they loved the idea once it was suggested.

In addition, since many of their friends were also in the animation business, they all got a kick out of dancing with Mickey Mouse at the wedding party after. Sometimes a destination is more than a destination, when it is part of a theme that reflects the wedding party’s loves. Always keep that in mind when making those wedding location plans.