Corporate Video Tools for Safety Induction

Health, Safety and Ecological issues are actually a high priority in the current climate of regulation and compliance. Typically, print media and live training workshops were the primary carriers of information for many companies. Why should companies incorporate a corporate safety induction video within their training arsenal? 1. Standardization of […]

Things to Consider When Flying Your Drone

The term ‘drone’ is commonly used to define anything that flies without the need for a pilot. It is also known as a Remotely Piloted Air System or Unmanned Air Vehicle. But today, we will focus more on the things you have to consider when flying a commercial drone. Recreational […]

The spectacular Venice Carnival

Venice often tops the list of the most famous destinations in the world. There are lots of reasons why people should visit Venice. One of them is to have a view of some of the most spectacular sights there. This till date remains unparalleled. One of the many reasons, that […]