Although traditional wedding ring styles have remained popular, new engagement and wedding ring trends have emerged in recent years that are expected to be top trends in 2018. Many modern couples want unique styles that reflect them rather than well-known symbols that they have been told reflect marriage like large diamonds and simple unadorned bands. Whether you and your partner have merely started looking or you can’t find a style that matches you both, consider the following ideas that have become increasingly popular:

Vintage Pieces

Some vintage pieces of jewelry haven’t stood the test of time because of their designs, sizes and shapes. If you own any vintage jewelry that you rarely wear for these reasons, you and your partner should consider upcycling the pieces into wedding rings. Vintage pieces often contain high-quality gemstones and metals. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or a piece has sentimental value, vintage jewelry can be the perfect custom wedding ring choice. An experienced jeweler can craft an entirely unique engagement ring or wedding bands from old rings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, barrettes, tie tacks and even pocket watch chain fobs.

Resin Encased Objects

Another emerging trend is couples selecting clear and colored resin rings as signs of their eternal devotion. These resin rings often represent a couple’s mutual love of nature, fantasy or science fiction or even how they met. For example, some couples love these rings because they met in an outdoor setting or at a party or convention where they shared a related interest. Couples can find or order resin rings in a wide range of styles that feature clear or colored resin encasing one or more objects, such as tiny flowers, leaves, clover and/or moss; flakes of precious metals and gem and other stones; and objects or engraved or imprinted images that hold personal meaning.

Wooden Rings

Wood is a warm-toned material that immediately creates a sense of comfort and home. As a result, wood is the perfect choice for couples who enjoy a more rural or rustic lifestyle that includes a home that reflects warmer instead of colder decor. For some people, such as hikers, mountain climbers and environmental protectors, wood also represents the environment that they love. Wood rings range from styles carved entirely of wood to those topped with vibrant resin scenes that look like forests, waterfalls or the night’s sky. You can also find or order metal wedding bands that feature inlays made of wood pieces or one or more wood bands.

Bands Within Bands

Lastly, the modern classic trend of simple two-tone bands that feature metals like white gold or platinum coupled with yellow or pink gold is still as popular as ever. That said, simple and complex bands within bands have become the new designer twist. These stunning wedding rings feature other materials, such as two or more bands of traditional wedding metals coupled with another metal like stainless steel, titanium carbide ceramic and/or stones. You can choose smooth surfaces with or without a noticeable groove or border between the bands or engravings or textures that look like channels. Band widths vary as well and include wide and extremely narrow interior band options.

Your rings will be worn by you and your partner for the rest of your lives. Engagement and wedding ring options do exist that can truly represent you both and your love for one another. Check out all of these fantastic options online and then through an experienced jeweler before making one of the biggest decisions of your life.