Venice often tops the list of the most famous destinations in the world. There are lots of reasons why people should visit Venice. One of them is to have a view of some of the most spectacular sights there. This till date remains unparalleled.

One of the many reasons, that tourists find to fly out there, is to witness the grand Venice Carnival. This serves to be an epic moment for all those professional and budding photographers, who are looking for some fabulous clicks!

Let’s get to know more about this magnificent Carnival

The Venice Carnival is often termed by many as one of the mesmerizing carnivals all over the world. Well, its number of attendees surely suggests so! Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock in the city of Venice during the carnival. There are lots of things to explore.

For starters, the amazing costumes light up the event. Then the Venetian masks, balls, events etc. in the most stunning locations of the city truly make this festival a spectacular one. If you are interested in photography and want to pay a visit to this place like any other photographer in Venice, then do remember to check out this exciting carnival. It will be worth the time spent!

The carnival was initiated during the year 1979 and has since then gone on to become a yearly tradition for the local people. Like most of the carnivals that take place around the world, its actual dates are too dictated by a religious calendar. In 2011, the Carnival of Venice happened from the 26th of February to the 8th of March.

Attending the carnival

Well, if you are already interested in the carnival and are silently planning on attending it the next time it happens, there are a few things you must remember in order to make your visit a pleasant experience. The Venice city is a popular tourist destination as tourists from all over the world flock there in huge numbers.

So, you must plan your vacation and plans to attend it accordingly. You may face the major problem of getting reservations in decent hotels. Hence, you need to book your arrangements about a month before the schedule starts, in order to avoid any last moment rush.

There are two airports to facilitate the journey to and from the city. Both the Venice Marco Polo Airport as well as the Treviso Airport are well-maintained and managed during the event. The latter airport is better for those who are planning on cheaper flights to the city. But if you are willing to opt for a lesser transfer time, the former one would be the most suitable for you.

From the airport, you will be able to arrange the famous water taxis of the city and enter the city in grand style. So grab your camera, pack your bags and begin your bookings as soon as possible, in order to witness one of the most extraordinary events of the world.