Within the eighties I’d a BetaMax Video Player and a collection of Beta tapes. Pity that the remainder of the world had sided with VHS and won. I made an educated decision. Beta was better, but funnily enough this wasn’t important. Interestingly it had been the support from the adult film industry that tipped the scales in support of VHS. Who’d have believed that I’d be financially punished in my insufficient curiosity about porn?

Not to help make the same mistake two times I held off purchasing my new DVD Burner before the modern day fight between HD DVD and BluRay was concluded. As with every two sided battles both teams made the decision their technology wouldn’t be suitable for their opponents. Should you purchased HD DVD it wouldn’t use BluRay and visa versa. It’s acceptable for big corporations to consider their bat and ball and go back home if play does not go their way, however it the small people like us who result in the wrong decision and finish up getting to purchase two units rather of a single good one or even worse a hybrid. Individuals units that sit beneath your TV announcing to the world you have commitment issues. This time around our two household names were Toshiba and The new sony. Once more industry support provided the victor the spoils with BluRay proving itself to be the brand new medium and The new sony winning your day.

So what exactly is BluRay (Blue – Optical Ray) and HD DVD

CD’s and DVD’s components use a red laser to see information encoded on dvds. Presently as much as 4.7GB could be stored on the standard disc with no more than 8.5GB on the dual layer disc. BluRay and HDDVD derive from exactly the same technology and apply a blue/purple laser with a shorter wave length. This allows the disc to keep more compressed data. By using this technology HD DVD dvds holds 15GB and BluRay an astonishing 25GB. Considering that dual layer technologies are imminent both in formats you are able to easily double that storage capacity. Actually The new sony have boasted multilayer dvds later on that could see their disc capacity as much as 200GB. That’s huge!

Another important benefit of the brand new dvds is the capability to store hd (HD) images. Current DVD’s holds only standard definition (SD) given their limited storage capacity. HD is roughly five occasions the phrase SD. It has been the reason behind the eye and support from the movie industry. The large boys Wally Disney, Buena Vista, Fox, MGM and The new sony BMG, announced BluRay his or her preferred format with Vital, Universal and Warner Siblings sitting undecided and supporting both.

One benefit of BluRay may be the scratch resistant backing made from a obvious polymer when compared with standard DVD and HD DVD’s designed to use a obvious plastic. This is definitely good news. Another may be the new anti-piracy measures with a digital watermark, Advanced Access Content System (much like current CSS) High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection and BD technology.

For those who have already dedicated to a HD DVD purchase don’t despair it will likely be supported for the following couple of years, and that is a lengthy, lengthy amount of time in technology, with that time there’ll most likely be something bigger and and the other fight being fought against. And like my BetaMax within the eighties, your HD DVD player can make an costly method of holding a door open, however, unlike me you won’t be able to utilize porn being an excuse.

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