The term ‘drone’ is commonly used to define anything that flies without the need for a pilot. It is also known as a Remotely Piloted Air System or Unmanned Air Vehicle. But today, we will focus more on the things you have to consider when flying a commercial drone.

Recreational drones are subject to laws and regulations set by the government and the local authorities. They normally come in the form of Quadcopters, Hexacopters, and Octacopters. The price of a drone varies depending on their features and capability.

Some drones have HD photo and video quality and can take drone footage. This is ideal for photography and film production. Standard drones are often controlled by a hand-held controller while the first-person view uses a normal controller, but the images are immediately transmitted either to a screen or a set of goggles.

For a first-time drone flyer, it is essential that you consider the following guidelines to ensure that you are flying safely and legally.

  • It presents a real hazard to other manned aircraft. If you do not follow the rules and guidelines set by the government, there is a chance that you will bring harm to manned aerial vehicles.
  • Drones are governed by law. To make sure that you, your drone and other aerial vehicles are safe, rules and regulations have been created. You are also obliged to register your drone and undergo special training to guarantee that you are equipped to fly one.
  • Responsible flying. You are responsible from the moment that you set your drone in the air until it lands. If anything happens during those times, you may be prosecuted.
  • Criminal offense. If you fly your drone near an airfield or an airport it is considered as a criminal offense as it endangers the safety of the aircraft.
  • Keep it in sight. You might be excited about flying your drone. But you have to make sure that you can keep it within your sight to ensure that you are still flying safely.
  • License. If you are using a drone for commercial purposes, make sure that you are able to register it and have the permission to fly from the CAA.
  • Privacy laws. If your drone is capable of taking videos and photos, make sure that it adheres to privacy laws.
  • Defence activities. If you are buying a drone for defence activities, then you are governed by laws and regulation set by MAA. Make sure that you follow them to prevent any trouble in the future.
  • Follow the Drone Code and enjoy. Learn as much as you can about the guidelines for drone flying. Register your equipment and get the necessary training. Once you have done all this, have fun!

Drones are very useful either for leisure or for business. They are fun to use but it may lead to danger if not used properly. So, before you start flying, make sure that you are well aware of the guidelines and stay within the laws for safe flying.