Health, Safety and Ecological issues are actually a high priority in the current climate of regulation and compliance. Typically, print media and live training workshops were the primary carriers of information for many companies. Why should companies incorporate a corporate safety induction video within their training arsenal?

1. Standardization of Workplace Safety Training

Understanding that All of your employees happen to be uncovered to the identical training, is a huge part of the best direction, towards better standards and defense against frivolous litigation. Forget about cancelled induction sessions due to illness or scheduling conflicts. Forget about employees protesting that “we didn’t have that bit within our training”. Considerably, outlying branches or factories who watch the organization safety video get the same information because the staff within the big city, each and every time.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Will it really seem sensible to pay for anyone to perform the same job again and again, i.e. to shuttle a trainer or more round the country, giving presentations? You can either need to educate training personnel in each and every town, or you need to bite the bullet with travel and accommodation costs, or costly consultancy charges. Creating a customized corporate safety video, however, is really a once-off cost, or at best, only once every few years. Clever scripting and editing can provide you with a security video that may be regularly up-dated or put into each year, re-editing every time for under just one month’s salary for just one induction training manager.

3. Video wiped out the PowerPoint star

Old-style presentations would be the stuff of nightmares for most of us. By sticking with that format, you risk losing any possibility of the employees retaining vital workplace safety information. And with regards to HSE / SHE, it’s information that saves lives, braches and legal charges. Obviously, it’s possible to make a corporate video that’s as boring because the worst type of live presentation, however in general, it is much more engaging to look at others demonstrating anything, rather than learn about it secondhand.

4. Exactly the same safety induction DVD could be viewed frequently

Been away on holiday? Been booked off sick in excess of 2 days? Watch the security video before you register for work again. What is the contractor which has been off-site for several weeks? Please watch the organization induction DVD, mister. For those who have your employees write tests on this sort of material, then they could place their own copy from the safety induction video home together to review. Should you require staff to look at a refresher, having a written test later on (as numerous companies do), only then do we claim that you vary the questions regularly. That protects you and your employees and/or contractors in the temptation to toss off rote solutions without comprehension, and provides a bottom line data point by which to gauge worker knowledge of – and dedication to – your rules and policies.

5. Visual cues are that appears to be appreciated

Very couple of individuals are happy readers nowadays, but absolutely everybody is trained to watch television. Should there be a screen on staying with you or even the Publish Office, we can not help watching. Video may be the medium from the twenty-first century, and in conjunction with written material along with other training possibilities, corporate video offers companies the finest probability of getting their vital messages used in staff.

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