They say that part of running a successful home business is to create a space of your own to work from. Having a home office sort of separates home from your profession which is said to boost productivity by leaps and bounds. The only problem is, most people start a business from the house as a means to bring in additional funds, which means they don’t have much to go around. How can an inspiring entrepreneur create a workspace that encourages their creativity without going overboard on their finances? It can be done.

Finding the Money

The first thing to figure out is how you’re going to come up with the cash to pay for the things you’ll need in your home office. There are a few options available:

  • Your savings – if you have a personal savings account, you can dip into it for money. You shouldn’t ever take funds from an emergency savings account or retirement account for this.
  • Credit cards – for those who have credit cards, you can always charge the things you need and repay it over time. You do want to make sure charging it won’t max out your card or put you further into debt.
  • Borrow it – fast cash personal loans are a quick solution for getting your hands on some money. You can apply online and get as much as $1250 in one business day. Just make sure you can afford the monthly payments.

Cheap Office Design Ideas

It’s time to put all the money you’ve accumulated to good use. Here are some cheap but creative office design ideas:

  • Yard sales for furniture – You’re going to need an office desk and chair and quite possibly a few bookshelves, end tables, and storage items. Before paying full price you should browse local yard sales for furniture you can restore and use in your office.
  • Decorate your own walls – For bare office walls you can spruce things up with the decor. You can place family photos or random scenic pictures in frames, paint canvases and hang them, or create a feature wall from wallpaper.
  • Add some green – Plants are a great addition to the office. They help liven the place up literally improving the air quality. Find a few easy to maintain office plants to place around the room.
  • Storage is a must – An office without storage space will quickly become cluttered. Clutter and disorganization only reduce productivity. Nip that in the bud by investing in lots of storage. You can find neat desk organizers and office supply containers from a dollar store. You can also install wall shelves or use affordable bookshelves to store other things in the office.
  • Shop refurbished electronics – you’ll need a few electronic devices for your home office including a computer and/or laptop. Buying refurbished can save you money. Manufacturers repair damaged devices and place them back on the market with a warranty for sale.

These are just a few elements of designing a home office to keep in mind. When money is tight, sometimes it’s best to start with the basics and add in more features as your budget increases. These tidbits will at least get your office up and running so that you can be inspired to bring home the bacon and make an even more advanced space that you love working in.