Location scouting is one of the vital preparations that you should make in readiness for a photoshoot. When working with a studio like the Fotograf Hannover or any other in your locality, this task will be delegated to the locations manager. This personis, in most cases, if not all, is accompanied by the director of photography. If you are doing it alone, then there are some elements that you must be conscious of and ensure that they are in place before the day of the shoot. If you are in a new locality or country, then it is advisable that you leave this task to the experts as they are bound to deliver better results than yourself.

The nature of the shoot that you intend to do is the primary factor that has a significant influence on the locations selected. Some of the other guidelines to keep in mind during location scouting are;

  • Security of the locale

Some of the perfect photography destinations in the world are located in unsafe environments, and this is the first factor that you must assess. Photography involves costly equipment, and any damage or loss will be a major setback to the firm or individual doing the shoot. Visit the location at various times of the day, especially during the time which the shoot is scheduled to ensure that it is safe. This aspect is vital because it also dictates whether you will need security personnel on set or not. Locations with poor security require more money for protection services.

  • Availability on Google maps

When selecting a location for your shoot, it is intricate to pick one that is available on Google maps and other navigation applications. This will make it easier for you to share this info with the team you are working with. Also, you can coordinate for supplies in case you are out of anything during the shoot. Additionally, you can spare resources and not visit some locations after evaluating them on Google maps.

  • Power sources

As you plan for a photo or video shoot, it is crucial to know whether the location has any power sources that will come in handy incase the batteries run flat. During recce, ensure that you evaluate the area and identify power provision within the locality.

  • Policy

Locations used for photoshoots range anywhere from public parks to private homes. These establishments are governed by specific rules and regulations that you must be privy to. For every location you visit, engage the management, and learn about their policies before you settle on it as the final spot for the shoot. For some, you will have to pay the required fees to gain access while others are free but with a myriad of terms and conditions that you must follow to the letter.

Take notes while on location and indicate why you think it is ideal for the shoot and share with the team to get their response. Also, take photos of the site and share it with the production personnel to help them plan and pack the appropriate gear to achieve the intended goals.